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Tesco – Milngavie Development

Dear all,

Just to update, we have received notice from East Dumbarton shire Council with regards to the planning application submitted for Tesco’s in Milngavie. For those that don’t know the layout, Tesco’s currently sits on one bank of the Allander, with the car park on the other. Tesco are looking to tear down the existing site and build a larger store where the car park currently sits. So basically they are looking to switch round the store and car park. The proximity to the Allander raises obvious implications. Members of the committee are currently working to submit a representation on behalf of the association. I have spoken to Sir Robert Clerk (The Crown Estates Office) regarding the matter and he was already aware of the situation. Sir Robert has agreed to help in any way that he can and the club appreciates his assistance in this matter. I have also consulted with Willie Yeomans (The Clyde River Foundation) and as always Willie has been extremely helpful.

Due to my lack of experience in these matters I have contacted Mark Eden-Bushell (F.O.R.K) and the RCFMT for advice. Mark has plenty of experience representing F.O.R.K with regards to planning applications around the Kelvin in Glasgow, and has agreed to look over the application. My thanks to Mark. Kemp Meikle (RCFMT/Mid Clyde Angling) has also volunteered his expertise. As an engineer and a committee member, Kemp has a great deal of knowledge when it comes to dealing with such matters.

Dougie Brown has also been in touch with Sir Robert Clerk and Willie Yeomans, with regards to the proximity to the Allander and the Salmon Ladder. Dougie’s work on the Salmon Ladder is ongoing, and any work nearby may well have a bearing on the project.

For more information on the application please go to – Planning Applications

Kind regards,

Paul Reid

On Going Issues

The secretary left this messege

Out again today, chased 3 guys at the Vet School who didn’t realise you needed a permit (or that you can’t fish for Salmon on a Sunday!). Then got a call from the Chairman to say that an association member had called to say there was a group fishing at the BBC weir. I headed down to meet the police who had already been called, on route I got a call from the Head Bailiff (Davie) who was investigating a suspicious pipe at the top end. It looks like the poachers moved on before I got there, so I called Davie and told him not to bother coming down. A couple of positives from the whole exercise. 1. Association members keeping an eye on the water and reporting any incidents. 2. The police showing up and being keen to help. Shame that on this occasion they weren’t needed.

During the closed season I would encourage all association members to get out and walk the river when the can. It will discourage poaching and any reports of spawning fish are greatly appreciated. Nobody is expected to approach any one breaking the rules. Just phone it in.

River Kelvin Angling Association EGM Minutes

19th August 2009

River Kelvin Angling Association EGM


Euan Greer – Chairman

Paul Reid – Secretary

Alistair Stewart – Treasurer


51 Members

1. Chairs Introductory Topics

  • Eddie Hamilton (previous Treasurer) – Euan made the members aware that the previous treasurer is ill and would like to convey that our thoughts are with him.
  • Rumours – There has been many rumours circulating. Euan pointed out that if the information does not come from either one of the office bearers or the official site ( then the information is wrong. For accurate information please contact the club through the office bearers or web site.
  • Update on Bailiff meetings – Voluntary bailiffs have been meeting regularly and the police have been involved in incidents.
  • Stocking/Publicity – The river will no longer be stocked with trout due to new legislation being implemented. The club was highlighted in the local media on the last stocking day.
  • Signs – As promised at the AGM signs have been erected at various places along the river.
  • Station Road – Some anglers are abusing the right of access.
  • FORK Gala day – For the first time in many years the club had a stall at the gala day – it was a great success with many people enquiring about the association and the work we do. Advice was given to many potential new members.
  • Clyde in Classrooms – The committee has decided to donate money to the project.

1.2 –  Paul Reid – Introduction

  • Purpose of EGM – There has never been an EGM in the history of the club, the meeting has been called to discuss the urgent problem with the permits.
  • Committee Meetings – The meetings allow the club to administer the functions of the club. The club does not have to inform members when the meetings occur. Only office bearers and committee are invited to these meetings. Paul will summarise meetings and post on the official site.
  • Bailiff Team – This is a work in progress, the club is working in conjunction with the police to target various hotspots. Nets have been taken out of river.
  • SEPA – Many issues have been reported to SEPA.

1.3 –  First Round of Questions (Summarised)

Ian McGrady – What does the constitution say regarding notice for EGM?

A. Club needs 7 days for AGM and no notice for EGM – notice was posted on websites, all members were told to tell friends and people on river and notices put in tackle shops.

John Nesbit – (Statement) Lost permit and stated no reply from website

A. Alistair monitors emails – all emails receive reply – if no reply a problem is on the sender’s side.

John Nesbit(Statement) Members have been abused by bailiffs

A. Euan would want any issues reported to the club.

Derek HutchinsonWill a warden or Bailiff be dealt with in the same way as a member?

A. Yes, rules are for everyone.

Davie SheerinDougie Brown has done a lot for the club, will he still be part of the association.

A. Yes, Dougie is a personal friend of Euan’s . Plans are being made to thank Dougie for his hard work and to look at his role in the club.

2 –  Presentation By Willie Yeomans

  • Willie will carry out habitat survey on River Kelvin.
  • Allander has already been completed.

2.1 – Second Round of Questions (Summarised)

Paul Reid – What will the habitat survey entail?

A. Data will be collected on: Barriers to salmon migration, physical state of catchment, trout habitat, pipes going in to river.

Davie SheerinWhen will this be completed?

A. Report finished in March if started in October.

Charlie Dunn(Statement) Depending on number of spates

A. Acknowledged

Alistair StewartWill there be a set of recommendations?

A. Yes – this will also show whether stocking is useful or not – Willie stated that stocking a river is like watching money swimming away if you do not have a habitat survey.

Ian Rettrik (FORK)Will water quality be monitored?

A. Amonia and dissolved oxygen are checked at the moment.

3 – Permit Situation

  • Situation with current permits explained – over 1000 sold, difficulty with insurance as policy prohibits more than 1000. Members complaining regarding “pool hogging”. There are sill permits available in outlets outside the city.
  • Should we allow day permits?
  • Passport Pictures for next year?
  • Difficulty regarding Sunday fishing – many members fishing for salmon.

3.1 Third Round of Questions (Summarised)

Alec BarclayCan you bring permits in to the city from outlying areas?

A. Yes

George KiddCan we print more permits? Can we print another 1000?

A. yes – within a week

Davie SheerinHow many do you personally (aimed at office bearers) think is too much?

A. 1000 is too much

Alec BarclayHow do you put limit in place?

A. We don’t sell or print any more tickets.

Ian McGradyHow many anglers do we have?

A. Approximately 1000 – there is a difficulty with the shops not being able to tell us how many permits they have sold.

Davy Craigy – How will the limiting of permits effect juniors?

A. They will be included in 1000

Roddy HoggCan we cap the numbers?

A. Yes

Davy ScottWhat happens if 1400 people want a permit next year?

A. Lots of people have permits however do not use them. This is the first year of the club being proactive, we can assess as the season progresses.

John Nesbit – Do you have a list of this years names?

A. Yes, we get them at the end of the season.

Willie MulheronHow much revenue do the shops make?

A. 10%

Derek Hutchinson – Why do we not ban all fishing on Sundays?

A. That is a possibility – a vote will have to be taken

Alistair Stewart – (Statement) As a fly fishing trout angler does not see why he and others should be penalised on a Sunday due to guys that are fishing for salmon.

Derek Graham – What is the issue around rod rests?

A. It is against the law – Paul Reid read out current legislation regarding rod rests. Additionally on permit dictates that members should not monopolise any one spot.








3.2.4 – CAP NUMBERS AT 1000













EGM Summer 2009 Agenda

A copy of the letter being sent out containing the Agenda for the meeting next week. Unfortunately not everyone is going to receive this letter due to problems getting a hold of members addresses.

Dear member,

You are invited to attend the following meeting at Mlingavie Hall. The meeting has been called by the committee to discuss the unforeseen increase in membership this season, the issues this raises, and plans for the remainder of the year. While we have the opportunity the committee agreed it would be wise to add some additional items to the agenda to allow forward planning for next year. This is a great opportunity to get things in place for next year, and give everyone a chance to shape the future of the club. The committee would like to apologise for the lack of notice, this was due to an issue booking the hall. As per the constitution this meeting will discuss the points on the agenda. If you have anything else you would like to discuss please contact the committee.

Kind regards,

Paul Reid

The River Kelvin Angling Association EGM, 18th August 2009

Time for discussion on proposals will be allotted, however due to time constraints it will be limited. In order that this meeting can progress as smoothly as possible, members are asked to adhere to the following guidelines.

–          One singer one song. To avoid interruptions, please raise your hand and wait to be acknowledged before you make your point.

–          For the benefit of those taking notes, please stand and state your name before addressing the hall.

–          Please speak up, and talk as clearly as possible.

–          Be polite. Listen to others when they are speaking. There will be plenty of breaks for chat, cigarettes etc.

–          Show respect for other association members, even if their views are not the same as your own.


7pm Start

1) Introduction.

2) Update on the year so far.

3) Presentation from Willie Yeomans.

4) Wildlife Officer – Tim Ross.


5) Permits this year.

Current situation.

Proposals for the remainder of the year.

6) Permits for next year.

Proposals for next years permits.

7) Catch/return policy.

Proposals for next year.

Proposals for the remainder of this year.


Concession tickets for the unemployed.

Current situation.

Proposals for next year.

9) Club rules.

Proposals for next years permit.

10) Club competitions.

Proposals for this year and next.

9pm Finish

Busy Bailiffs?

Just a wee update on our bailiff force:

  • The voluntary bailiffs have been busy erecting signs.
  • Two of the guys have been on an electro fishing course
  • They are targeting areas where people poach
  • They have removed several people from the water in conjunction with the police
  • They have made good contacts with non anglers who live in houses next to the river – a lot of relationship building was needed to keep access to the river.
  • They have been negotiating with supermarkets to have trolleys removed from the river.
  • They removed the den next to the river at the transport museum (not their job however it was felt it was a significant danger to the kids that made it.

If you have not seen or met a bailiff then you probably have a permit – if you know of areas people regularly fish without permits then get in touch using the contact form or post on the forum over at

Like they say – Rome wisnae built in a day !