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Reminder – Catch Returns

Just a quick reminder that catch returns are due in by Wednesday next week (20th). You can go to and submit them online to make sure they are in before the deadline.
Kind regards

Catch returns are now due!

Well it’s that time of year again! Catch returns need to be in by the 20th of November. Members are reminded that they must complete a catch return regardless of whether they caught anything or not. Failure to submit a catch return will result in your membership being discontinued (you will need to pay a joining fee in 2014).

You can submit your return online at (preferred option), or by completing the form in the middle of the permit booklet and posting it.

Please do not text or email your return direct to me, chances are it will not contain all the required information.

If you know of any members who do not have internet access, please pass this message on.

Kind regards

End of Season Date Correction

There is a typo in the permit booklet with regards to the end of the salmon season which was copied over to the website. So to confirm, the season finishes on Thursday the 31st and not the 30th as previously communicated.
Kind regards

Angling Trust / Fish Legal

Tuesday 22nd October 2013
Please forward this news to all of your club’s members:
Join the Angling Trust as an Individual Member for Just £2.50 a Month

Angling Trust Introduce New £2.50 Subscription Option
Please forward this email to River Kelvin Angling Association’s members to encourage them to join online as individual members at or by calling the Membership Team on 01568 620 447.
We’ve responded to feedback from anglers by introducing a new monthly subscription option. Individual members can now spread the cost of Angling Trust membership over 12 months by paying just £2.50 a month with Direct Debit. As the nominated Primary Contact for your club we are asking you to please pass on this news to your club’s members by forwarding them this email.
The more members of our affiliated clubs that join us as Angling Trust individual members the more political clout and resources we will have to run campaigns and take action on issues like poaching, pollution, commercial over-fishing at sea and predation.
For £2.50 (…yes that’s less than the price of a pint of beer!) each month all anglers will now know they are doing the right thing and supporting their sport’s representative organisation, and the work of Fish Legal, in the same way that birdwatchers join the RSPB or shooters join BASC. What’s more, individual members get great benefits like public liability insurance worth £14.99, two magazines a year, monthly e-news and up to 20% off fishing permits, tackle and books.
This new monthly payment option will make it easier for those who prefer to pay for individual membership of the Angling Trust in instalments rather than in a single £25 lump sum.
To set up a £2.50 Direct Debit payment your club’s members just need to go to or call 0844 77 00 616 (Option 1). For those who prefer to pay in one single payment there’s still a one-off £25 option for adult members instead.
The total of £30 for 12 X £2.50 monthly instalments reflects the administrative fees we have to pay for taking 12 Direct Debit payments.

Important Dates Reminder

A few people have been in touch about the end of season dates. As a reminder:

The trout season has now finished (6th of October was the last day).

Fishing on the Allander Water has now finished (30th of September was the last day).

The last day for Salmon fishing on the Kelvin will be the 30th of October. The season will start again on the 11th of February.

If you see anyone fishing on a Sunday or fishing the Allander, please let me know.

Kind regards

Salmon Ladder

Thanks to everyone that reported the blockage in the Salmon Ladder, it’s good to know there are people keeping an eye on it. Davie Craigie and I went up and managed to clear it at the weekend, after several attempts with ropes, grappling hook and a two ton puller!
Here are some before and after pictures.

Here you can see the blockage

Massive log trapped just below the surface

Success! The dislodged log floating away

Looking up the ladder. You can see the recent repairs to the wall

One from last year showing the wall prior to the repairs