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Important Dates Reminder

A few people have been in touch about the end of season dates. As a reminder:

The trout season has now finished (6th of October was the last day).

Fishing on the Allander Water has now finished (30th of September was the last day).

The last day for Salmon fishing on the Kelvin will be the 30th of October. The season will start again on the 11th of February.

If you see anyone fishing on a Sunday or fishing the Allander, please let me know.

Kind regards

Salmon Ladder

Thanks to everyone that reported the blockage in the Salmon Ladder, it’s good to know there are people keeping an eye on it. Davie Craigie and I went up and managed to clear it at the weekend, after several attempts with ropes, grappling hook and a two ton puller!
Here are some before and after pictures.

Here you can see the blockage

Massive log trapped just below the surface

Success! The dislodged log floating away

Looking up the ladder. You can see the recent repairs to the wall

One from last year showing the wall prior to the repairs

Parking at Bishops Mill

We have had a complaint from the one of the residents regarding anglers parking in the private car park adjacent to the flats. Please remember that members cannot park on private roads or in residents car parks along the river. I had an incident where a member thought it was OK to park while he was just down for a look, this is not the case.
No parking at anytime in any residents car parks or private land. Stick to the public roads.

This Sunday

With the water so low the conditions are perfect for some maintenance. With this in mind we will be holding a work party on Sunday (21st), 11am start. We will meet at the old flint mill upstream from Belmont Street. Refreshments will be provided. Wear old clothes and bring work gloves I you have them.

Burst Water Main

Just a quick update on the recent discolouration on the lower stretches. As you may have seen on the news there was a fairly serious incident in the Maryhill/Bearsden area involving a burst water main. Several houses had to be evacuated as a result and I believe part of the road next to the main has collapsed. The Fire Brigade were involved and SEPA attended. Given the seriousness of the situation the Fire Brigade were authorised to pump water directly into the Kelvin. This resulted in a lot of silt in the river from the run off and from the pumps. SEPA dispatched an ecologist to check for any effect to the river and we are awaiting the report, however the initial word is that insect life appears unaffected and there were no signs of distressed fish.
The water main is now under control so the water should be starting to clear. The Committee will continue to liaise with SEPA to monitor for any lasting effect.
This is exactly the type of event where the effect could be monitored through the Clyde Riverfly Monitoring Partnership, so the sooner we get this up and running the sooner we will have base line data for any future incidents.

Kind regards