Busy Bailiffs?

Just a wee update on our bailiff force:

  • The voluntary bailiffs have been busy erecting signs.
  • Two of the guys have been on an electro fishing course
  • They are targeting areas where people poach
  • They have removed several people from the water in conjunction with the police
  • They have made good contacts with non anglers who live in houses next to the river – a lot of relationship building was needed to keep access to the river.
  • They have been negotiating with supermarkets to have trolleys removed from the river.
  • They removed the den next to the river at the transport museum (not their job however it was felt it was a significant danger to the kids that made it.

If you have not seen or met a bailiff then you probably have a permit – if you know of areas people regularly fish without permits then get in touch using the contact form or post on the forum over at urbanflyfisher.com

Like they say – Rome wisnae built in a day !