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Lost Key

Hello Chaps – I hope you are all having an enjoyable season!

One person is not as he has got in contact with us about a lost key – a black plastic card type, it could be on the riverside along the “Balmore road” stretch up to the junction pool. Anyone finds it get in contact with us using the contact us or give it to any one of the office bearers – Alan Atkins our Chairman is down that way quite a bit.

Your reward shall be the gratitude of your fellow man.

Good Luck – and do not forget to send in your photos of fish!

Trolley Removed from Fish Pass

Paul Reid and Davy Scobie removed a shopping trolley from the Fish pass in Milngavie over the festive period.

He sent this report:

Davie Scobbie and myself went fishing for a large metal monster that had reportedly been seen in the fish pass at Gavin’s Mill. Once we had spotted the beast we moved in for a closer look. Davie had caught 2 similar sized metal monsters over the last fortnight and his experince made the whole process easier. As you can see, just entering the water was a task in itself. After much heaving, puffing and slipping, we were able to land what was clearly a very old specimen. Sorry about the blurry images, this was due to uncontrollable shivering. It was 2 hours before I could feel my fingers.

Contacting SEPA

It wa while fishing the river a member of the committee came across a pipe leaking sewage…

Leaking sewage

Leaking sewage

It was a simple matter of a phone call to SEPA on their hotline to have this investigated – they will ask where it is and then give you a reference number. It would be good if the guys who report issues to SEPA let the club know by contacting us.

SEPA’s Pollution Hotline – 0800 80 70 60 – available 24/7