EGM Minutes

The River Kelvin Angling Association
Minutes of EGM held on 17th November 2010

Euan Greer (Chairman) Alan Atkins (Vice Chairman)
Jim Burns (Treasurer) Paul Reid (Secretary)
Ian Reddick (FORK) David Craigie (Campsie AA)
Stuart Differ (Campsie AA) Alistair Stewart
Frank Cook Kevin Clarke (Head Bailiff)

Over 90 ordinary members were present.

Venue: The Woodside Hall, Glenfarg Street, Glasgow.

To begin the meeting was Chaired by Euan Greer, who then handed over to Alan Atkins.

Paul Reid was Minute-Secretary of the meeting.

Apologies: Neil Ferguson, Alex McGregor

Agenda Point 1 – Update from the Chairman
Euan opened by commenting on what he believed to be a great season for the Association. The word from anglers and the initial catch returns point to fantastic catch returns relative to previous years.
At this point Euan announced that he would be stepping down as the Chairman to concentrate on his studies. Euan felt that due to the demands of his course it would be difficult for him to attend as many meetings and engagements as he has done in previous years.
For 5 years he has thoroughly enjoyed his role as Chairman of the RKAA, and he believes that the Association is going in the right direction. Euan will remain an active member of the Committee and will handover to Alan Atkins (Vice Chairman) until the AGM, where the Association members can vote to instate a Chairman for the 2011/2012 seasons. Euan suggested a vote at this stage amongst the members present, but it was pointed out from the floor (Alec Barclay) that this was not required.
At this point Euan handed over to Alan. A bottle of Whisky was given to Euan as a token of the Associations gratitude.
Alan Atkins introduced himself and briefly outlined his thoughts on the work of the Committee and the Association going forward, with the emphasis on communication and collective decisions made by the association as a whole.
On the topic of future projects and the importance of the habitat survey, there was a comment from the floor (Vinnie) stating that the anglers themselves are aware of the issues and surveys are not required. The table pointed out that evidence would be required to secure funding and the licenses required to carry out the work. Although we may all be aware of the issues, some of them will warrant levels of funding and expertise that will require assistance from outside of the Association.

Agenda Point 2 – Update from the Secretary

Paul Reid ran through the Newsletter and expanded on some of the points.

Catch returns – Due by the end of November. Can now be submitted by post or online through the website. Anyone that does not submit their return by either of these methods will not be able to renew their membership at the reduced rate.
There was a question from the floor regarding the number of fish returned. This information will be collated once all of the returns have been submitted.

River Webcam – This is still on track to be ready for next season, but there have been some complications with regards to the property where the camera will be located. The current lease is due for renewal in January and we can’t proceed until that has been finalised.

Scottish Minister Bailiffs – Currently we have 3 that are due to sit the course in the New Year. At least one existing SMB from another river has been in touch offering assistance, he is an existing RKAA member. We are looking to get many of the existing volunteer bailiff force through the course as soon as possible.

Volunteer Bailiffs – It has been a struggle to get people to volunteer. Without more help it is difficult to ensure the river is monitored effectively. The committee are asking for more members to come forward and help, without volunteers we will have to look at other, more costly, options.

American Signal Crayfish – There were several questions from the floor regarding the extent of the problem and possible control methods. At the moment the CRF are investigating and further information will be communicated to the members when we receive it. Several different methods for controlling there numbers have been tried on other rivers, but as yet there does not appear to be a proven method for dealing with them. There are studies that suggest trapping might actually cause more harm than good! This is definitely one for the experts and we will await advice from Willie Yeomans and his team before we decide what action to take.

Agenda Point 3 – Amendments to the Constitution

Alan Atkins went through each of the proposed changes to the constitution. The changes were sent out prior to the meeting, rather than list them all here the updated constitution will be posted on the website. If you would like a copy of the original that highlights the changes, please contact the Secretary.
Each of the proposed changes was voted on by the members present. All votes were in favour, there were no votes against, and therefore all proposed changes have been passed.

Agenda Point 4 – Update from the Head Bailiff

Kevin Clarke reassured the members present that he would be continuing as the Head Bailiff. After a spell in hospital towards the end of the season he was keen to get on with looking after the river. Kevin also pointed out that FORK organise a clean up session on the first Saturday of each month and that it would be good to see a better turn out from the Association.

Although it was not part of the Agenda, with time left the table decided to open up the meeting for any other business. There were no further points from the floor.

After the EGM there was an opportunity to view some of the RKAA clothing that has been put together for next season. Several orders for fleeces, hats, and caps were taken.