Minutes From The AGM

All of the items covered in the opening words from the Chair / Vice / Secretary are in the newsletter which was posted on the 19th.

Elections – Myself (Paul Reid), Alistair Stewart, and Jim Burns were all re-elected.

1. Members may introduce a guest at a day rate of £15 (limited to 2 day tickets per year). Guests under 16 may fish for free – Carried

2. Remove the rule that restricts the fishing of the pool at the Allander confluence – Carried

3. Failure to submit a catch return to result in a £10 fine rather than termination of membership – Carried

4. No walking along the falls at Bishop Mill – Not Carried

5. No fishing at Bishop Mill in the pool beneath the falls – Not Carried

The AGM was well attended with around 100 members present. Next event on the calender is the opening ceremony on the 15th of March. I hope to see you there.

Kind regards