Salmon Pictures

Hi guys – we have been sent a number of photos of recent Salmon captures.

Here is a selection:

[nggallery id=13]

As ever – please send your photos to

Replacement Permits

If your permit is lost or destoyed, please print of the permit application from the permits section of the site. Fill in your details and put ‘replacement’ where it asks for your permit number. Send the form and payment (£3 cheque or postal order) back, and a replacement will be posted out.


Tags – How it works

Tagging System.

1. Each member shall be issued with 5 numbered tags for the season. The number on the tags should match the permit number for each individual angler. If this is not the case please contact the Secretary.
2. Tags are not transferable and under no circumstances should you give any tags to another angler. If any angler gives their tags to another, or are found to be in possession of tags that don’t belong to them, their membership may be cancelled.
3. At the river, if you are using a tag then your permit must be present (you cannot fish without your permit anyway).
4. One tag must be used per migratory fish killed. The fish must be tagged immediately after it has been dispatched. Failure to do so may result in your membership being cancelled.
5. Any angler found with an untagged fish may have their membership cancelled, and could face prosecution.
6. Fish should be tagged through the gills in such a fashion that the tag cannot be removed without cutting it, or damaging the fish. If you are unsure of the procedure please visit the Association Website, or contact a member of the Committee.
7. Extra tags will not be issued under any circumstances, including loss. Given that you can only kill one migratory fish per day, the committee would advise all anglers to carry one tag and keep the rest in a safe place to avoid loosing their allowance for the season.
8. Association members are requested to check that other anglers adhere to the tagging system rules. If you encounter anyone breaking any of the rules above, please contact the Head Bailiff (07500 148 856) or the Secretary (07730 682 748) immediately.

Could the following members please contact the Secretary

The backlog of people waiting for tags has now been cleared, with the last of them posted this evening. Due to some admin issues with addresses, permit numbers etc. I need the following people to contact me before I can dispatch their tags.
Ronnie Hannah
Alex Gillespie
Kenneth Bamford
George McMillan
Owen Reilly
Stephen Bain
Richard Spinks
Steven Taylor
James Buchannan
Steven McCourt
Steven Millar
Bruce Small
Logan Murney
Stewart Ferguson
Andrew Tooley
Raymond Hendrie
Joe Murney
Derek Graham


Migratory Tags

Due to a delay in receiving the tags from Thailand, not everyone will have been sent their tags in time for the 1st of June. The remainder will receive their tags in the post over the next few days. Anglers are asked to refrain from killing fish until they have received their tags.

Kind regards,

First Springer Caught

The first springer was caught by Charlie Dunn on the 21st April – it was caught using a black and copper flying C.

As agreed by Association members the 12lb Salmon was returned to hopefully have lots of wild fish sex ensuring that our stocks remain good for the future.

Can you help?

A couple of dates for your diaries guys (and girls of course).

Saturday the 3rd of April – This Saturday we need as many people as possible to team up with FORK and help clean up the Kelvin. Meeting at 10.30am, Ha’penny House. Finished by 12.

Tuesday the 6th of April – This Tuesday we have a bailiff meeting taking place at Partick Burgh Halls. 7.30pm kick off with the possibility of a pint and a blether afterwards. All current bailiffs should attend and we are asking for more volunteers to step up. If you are interested in joining the team then please come along, even if it’s just for more information on what the roll entails.



River Clean Up

The clean up will take place on the 3rd, and not the 6th as I posted previously.
Meet at the Ha’penny Bridge House at 10.30am.

Clean Up

Until we can get an idea of the numbers that are going to turn up on a regular basis, we are going to run our clean up days in conjuction with FORK. So the first clean up day will take place on Saturday the 3rd (edited) of April. We will meet with FORK at Ha’penny Bridge House (edited) at 10.30am, so plenty of time to fish before and after. It would be good if we had some anglers in waders to get to the parts that are usually out of reach.
Looking for a good turn out, it’s our river and we need to do our bit to keep it clean. If there are enough bodies then we may form splinter groups to tackle other problem sections of the river.
Get as many people to attend as you can. If it’s a success then it gives us a platform to start carrying out more work in the future.

Kind regards

What happens after you have returned your form

Hello all,

Many of you have asked what happens after you have returned your form from your application pack. Just to confirm that the tags and permit booklet will be sent out together, but as we are still C&R until the 1st of June, they will be sent out nearer the time.

Kind regards