Tesco – Milngavie Development

Dear all,

Just to update, we have received notice from East Dumbarton shire Council with regards to the planning application submitted for Tesco’s in Milngavie. For those that don’t know the layout, Tesco’s currently sits on one bank of the Allander, with the car park on the other. Tesco are looking to tear down the existing site and build a larger store where the car park currently sits. So basically they are looking to switch round the store and car park. The proximity to the Allander raises obvious implications. Members of the committee are currently working to submit a representation on behalf of the association. I have spoken to Sir Robert Clerk (The Crown Estates Office) regarding the matter and he was already aware of the situation. Sir Robert has agreed to help in any way that he can and the club appreciates his assistance in this matter. I have also consulted with Willie Yeomans (The Clyde River Foundation) and as always Willie has been extremely helpful.

Due to my lack of experience in these matters I have contacted Mark Eden-Bushell (F.O.R.K) and the RCFMT for advice. Mark has plenty of experience representing F.O.R.K with regards to planning applications around the Kelvin in Glasgow, and has agreed to look over the application. My thanks to Mark. Kemp Meikle (RCFMT/Mid Clyde Angling) has also volunteered his expertise. As an engineer and a committee member, Kemp has a great deal of knowledge when it comes to dealing with such matters.

Dougie Brown has also been in touch with Sir Robert Clerk and Willie Yeomans, with regards to the proximity to the Allander and the Salmon Ladder. Dougie’s work on the Salmon Ladder is ongoing, and any work nearby may well have a bearing on the project.

For more information on the application please go to – Planning Applications

Kind regards,

Paul Reid