How to obtain a Permit

The River Kelvin Angling Association was formed on 17th March 1992 and has gone from strength to strength, now numbering over 700 members who regularly fish the river for Salmon, Sea Trout and Trout.

A permit is required for the entire river – no section is excluded – the boundary extends approx a half mile below the mouth of the Kelvin and up to Dalmarnock Bridge on the Clyde.

Season permits are available at Glasgow Angling Centre, and online through Currently the cost is £55 per season for existing members with concessions for people who are disabled or pensioners (£45). For new members the permit is £75 (concession £65) – this was voted for and agreed upon at the 2020 AGM.

Under 18s can fish for free as long as they are with an adult member who has a permit. Any under 18 (who wants to fish without an accompanying member) can obtain a permit for free – just fill out this form and send it to us.

All concessionary tickets require some form of documentary proof to be shown at time of purchase. – for example, a concessionary travel card.

There are several ways to get your hands on a full permit.

  1. Online at just click the “shop” tab and follow the instructions.
  2. You can do it by post, just print off this form. Complete the form and send it back to the address printed at the bottom, along with a cheque for the relevant amount. Please include a large stamped addressed envelope so we can dispatch your permit. Please remember there is a cap on the amount of permits sold – in the event that there are no permits left your cheque shall be returned to you.
  3. Go into Glasgow Angling Centre and buy a permit pack over the counter. Please show photographic I.D. or an official letter/bill with your name and address.

When completing the form please fill in as much of the detail as possible. If you can’t remember your permit number then we can find your details from the rest of the information.

Once you have attached your picture and returned the form, your permit will be validated. If you have provided false information (eg. claimed to be an existing member) then your permit will be void and you will not receive a refund.

A note on the permit packs – each contains a laminate badge. You place your photo on the permit card and place the card into the laminate badge.

If you require any further information then please submit your questions through this site.

Tagging System

1. Each salmon ticket member shall be issued with 3 numbered tags for the season. The number on the tags should match the permit number for each individual angler. If this is not the case please contact the Secretary.
2. Tags are not transferable and under no circumstances should you give any tags to another angler. If any angler gives their tags to another, or are found to be in possession of tags that don’t belong to them, their membership may be cancelled.
3. At the river, if you are using a tag then your permit must be present (you cannot fish without your permit anyway).
4. One tag must be used per migratory fish killed. The fish must be tagged immediately after it has been dispatched. Failure to do so may result in your membership being cancelled.
5. Any angler found with an untagged fish may have their membership cancelled, and could face prosecution.
6. Fish should be tagged through the gills in such a fashion that the tag cannot be removed without cutting it, or damaging the fish. If you are unsure of the procedure please visit the Association Website, or contact a member of the Committee.
7. Extra tags will not be issued under any circumstances, including loss. Given that you can only kill one migratory fish per day, the committee would advise all anglers to carry one tag and keep the rest in a safe place to avoid loosing their allowance for the season.
8. Association members are requested to check that other anglers adhere to the tagging system rules. If you encounter anyone breaking any of the rules above, please contact the Secretary (07730 682 748) immediately.

The Fishings

ALL and WHOLE the right, title and interest of Her Majesty in and to the rod fishings for salmon and fish of the salmon kind within (i) the River Clyde from Victoria Bridge to Dalmarnock Bridge in the City of Glasgow and (ii) within the River Kelvin from its source, but excluding the Glazert, to its confluence with the Clyde in the City of Glasgow and in East Dunbartonshire and (iii) within the Allander Water from its source to its confluence with the River Kelvin, and (iv) within the Glazert Water from its source to its confluence with the River Kelvin, and (v) any feeder streams flowing into the said sections of the Rivers Clyde and Kelvin and the Allander Water and the Luggie Water.

Sadly, a small minority of anglers do not buy permits and this effects not only the management and good work that could be undertaken on the river but also it means the price must increase to fund a bailiff force, river studies, fish passes and any other improvements that the members wish.