The River

The Kelvin’s total length is 34 kilometres from its source at Wyndford to its confluence with the Clyde at Partick.The river offers a remarkable variety of fishing opportunities due to its length and nature – starting as a meandering stream crossing flood plains and ending as a dramatic river that runs through a wooded gorge through one of the UK’s largest and most industrialised cities.

On its banks the river has witnessed the rise and fall of many industries: bleaching, dyeing, flour milling amongst others as well as being the sewer for our Victorian forefathers.

For a century its weirs and dams impeded the spawning salmon and the waste from industry killed all invertebrates and trout.

However, the river now teems with life – the Salmon are returning and good trout can be caught along its whole lengh.

This site is the official site for the River Kelvin Angling Association – a permit is required to fish the river and further information can be found by exploring these pages.