Poachers with Nets?

The committee and bailiffs would like all members to keep an eye open for poachers using boats on the river who may be setting and checking on nets.

If you find nets or see any suspicious activity please contact us to let us know – if you find nets on the river please do not touch them – just contact a bailiff – the telephone numbers will appear on the site shortly.

In the meantime please use the contact us form.

Thanks for all your help!

Stocking 2009

The river was stocked at various sections on the 14th May with good sized trout and the usual juvenile Sea Trout.

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The hard graft of carrying buckets of water full of fish was done by the voluntary bailiffs and other committee members.

We met many members on the night who enjoyed watching the fish being put in the river.

Check out the gallery for more photos

Club Publicity

It was a grand day out on the Kelvin today. The committee met with new bailiffs for a photo shoot with the Glaswegian and the Bearsden & Milngavie Herald. The articles will appear at some point in the future.

The bailiffs also met up with the local wildlife officer who will be working with the bailiffs in enforcing the clubs rules. Sadly, some members are still fishing from bridges – this is unacceptable as it clearly states on the permits this is not allowed.  The new signs will make it clear that no fishing is allowed on bridges – all members are asked to comply with this rule – there are no exceptions. 

The first signs have been erected – they are of a high quality and should last many years. The committee have decided the ones that have already been erected need to be a little higher – this was carried out on the spot by one of the bailiffs.

 The Vet School was busy today – bright sunshine kept the trout away from feeding off the surface however that did not stop our new secretary Paul Reid from staying back for a few casts. 

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Unauthorised Bailiff Cards

It has come to the clubs attention that a number of unauthorised small blue bailiff cards are in circulation. These cards were given out due to a misunderstanding and must be surrendered to an authorised bailiff.

The new bailiffs pictures will soon appear on this site. 


As promised at the AGM signs have now been made and the work shall start over the next few weeks to have these placed at appropriate locations. 

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