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The 2017 catch return page is now live..

The catch returns page is now live – you can find it HERE or use the menu at the top of the page.

Remember, there is a penalty if you do not submit your catch returns. members that fail to submit catch returns are treated as new members and would be required to pay the new member supplement.

Any questions ask through the contact form or the River Kelvin Fishers page where all the action happens.

2017 opening ceremony – 18th March

It’s that time of the year again, it is the Kelvin opening ceremony ! We will be meeting in the Islay inn at around 1130 for a dram and breakfast and then at around midday we will be piped down the road to the river. We are probably the only club that has to stop at traffic lights !

Our Chairman Atkins will give a short speech and then we all get to laugh at him stumbling around trying to cast!

Please bring your wives and kids as it really is a nice couple of hours!

Going, Going………Gone!

I have decided to remove the function of the forum from this site as quite frankly it does not get used. We get more people contacting us through the facebook page now that it makes sense to just have it all over their. Consequently please join our brand new official facebook group called the:

River Kelvin Fishers

It is the only place that you will get honest to goodness members giving advice and of course access to the committee .

I will delete the forum in a couple of days.



2015 Catch Return form now live!

A member got in contact to point out that the form was still showing 2014 – this has now been rectified.
If you have submitted your returns on the old one everything should have migrated over to the 2015 one so all should be good.

Cheers Guys


We are now on Facebook

Hi chaps, we are now on Facebook.

Actually we have been on Facebook for ages but never done anything about it however recently decided that it was time to kick it into shape and get the ball properly moving.

What this means to you if you “like” the page:

  • Updates from here will appear in your newsfeed instantly
  • You will get up to date info on work parties and meetings.
  • It is yet another way to contact us with any issues, problems or comments – we are especially proud of the fact that we are one of the easiest associations to contact.
  • You can share your own photos with us.
  • Other stuff, the usual facebook stuff.

So, if you have not done so please head over to out facebook page at and like your association.




2013 Start of the Season Video

We had a great start of the season celebration on Saturday, it was Baltic and nobody caught any fish. Consequently, the bottle of whiskey bought for the first Salmon caught was then downgraded to the first trout. Last time I seen it was when Paul Reid was sticking it back in his bag muttering something about how he was loaded with the cold.

What we did get was rolls n’ sausage, good chat, Paul Young, a fine piper and some most excellent hospitality provided by the Islay Inn.

Many thanks to the members, the Islay Inn, Donald Mackenzie, Paul Young and all the friends and family that braved the cold on the day.

We hope you all have a great season!



Opening Season Ceremony – 23rd March

Unlike other clubs who get out there and freeze themselves with no hope of a fish in February we wait a few weeks until it has warmed up a tad and there is still no hope of a fresh fish but we may catch a trout.

Consequently our annual opening day ceremony will be on the 23rd March meeting at the Islay Inn pub the address is:

1256 Argyle St  Glasgow G3 8TJ

Please click this link for directions. – if you are unsure where you are going please contact us.

The ceremony will start in the bar at 1130, we will meet have a chat and then be piped down to the river where someone will brave the Glasgow City Council anti drinking bylaw and toast the river with a dram whilst tourists take your photo.

Here is last years:

Last year was a lot of fun and this year it would be great if even more members came along to join in the celebration. We may even lay on some free food for you back at the pub.

It is a great opportunity for new members to meet the committee and ask any questions about the river and for Paul to badger you into a work party.

See you guys there!


Meeting Notes from the AGM 7th February 2013

After a brief introduction and summary from the Chairman and Secretary, highlighting in particular:

The acquisition of the lease for the Luggie. This has a lot of opportunity with regards to
water quality and spawning for the whole system.
Catch returns. Following the amnesty for late returns an extra 110 returns were submitted
adding a further 135 migratories to the total. This raises the catch for the 2012 season to
407, with a 70% return rate.

Accounts – Income £14175, Expenditure £10183, Cash on hand £18154

Elections – Alan Atkins was re-elected to the Committee.

2013-02-07 20.18.02


First Proposal – The permit prices for next season should be raised to: New Members £70, Existing £50, Concession £40.

Result – After an initial split vote there was discussion for and against. Eventually an alternative
proposal was agreed where fees would be fixed for 2 years. This proposal was then passed by a
majority vote.

Second Proposal – Junior tickets (16 and under) to be free by postal application.

Result – Passed by large majority vote.

Third Proposal – No fishing from the falls at Bishop Mill.

Result – Time for discussion given. Eventually passed by majority vote.

Forth Proposal – Every association member to attend at least one work party

Result – Split vote. Due to issues with enforcement and physical ability, it was decided that this would be purely voluntary and that those who were in favour should aim to attend at least one day this season.

Fifth Proposal – The rule regarding the release of all brown trout to be abolished.

Result – Not passed (heavy majority against).

Sixth Proposal – The rule regarding the release of all migratories in October to be abolished.

Result – Not passed (did not receive a single vote).

Seventh Proposal – Total number of migratories that can be dispatched in a day to be put back to one (was two per day).

Result – Passed by majority vote.

AGM2013-02-07 19.27.16Many thanks to everyone who attended – it was a very enjoyable AGM where we managed to get a lot discussed.