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Kirkintilloch Angling Association.

The KAA have apparently been reformed by some previous members of the RKAA. Several tackle shops and anglers have been approached by a representative of the KAA, claiming that the River Kelvin Angling Association do not have the fishing rights for the Kelvin above Cawder Golf Club. This information is incorrect as our lease from the Crown Estate covers this stretch. While the KAA may have negotiated rights with the riparian owner, this does not allow them to fish for migratories, regardless of the claims on the permits they are issuing. The KAA cannot stop any RKAA member from fishing on the any stretch of the Kelvin. The committee are meeting with the KAA representatives this week. We are disappointed that former RKAA members have chosen to start this club without consulting the association, but we hope to get the matter sorted quickly. More information will be available after the meeting.

New Permit Process

There are two ways to get your hands on this years permit.

You can do it by post, just go to the permit section on this site and print off the form. Complete the form and send it back to the address printed at the bottom, along with a cheque for the relevant amount. Please include a stamped addressed envelope so we can dispatch your permit. The other option is to go into a tackle dealer and buy a permit pack over the counter. Several shops already have permits in stock, please keep an eye on the news section to see where they have been delivered.

When completing the form please fill in as much of the detail as possible. If you can’t remember your permit number then we can find your details from the rest of the information.
Once you have attached your picture and returned the form, your permit will be validated. If you have provided false information (eg. claimed to be an existing member) then your permit will be void and you will not receive a refund.

A note on the permit packs – each contains a laminate badge, a permit card, an addressed envelope, and a membership form. You place your photo on the permit card, place the card into the laminate badge, and return the form in the addressed envelope.

There are several reasons for returning your form:
1. It validates the permit. If it is discovered that you have not returned the form then your permit may be taken from you.
2. The address information will be used to send newsletters etc.
3. Catch and release tags will only be sent to the members who have submitted their forms.
4. The permit booklet will only be sent to the members who have submitted their form.
5. At the AGM you will be entered into a draw for a free membership for the 2011 season.

If you require any further information then please submit your questions through this site.

Kind regards.


Rules for 2010

The rules for the season as approved by the association at the AGM, held on the 11th February 2010.

1. Members must always carry their Permit whilst fishing and must produce it if requested to do so. No excuses will be accepted. If you do not have your permit with you then you cannot commence fishing. Any angler who refuses to show his or her permit to fish to a bailiff, warden or fellow angler or who refuses to hand over their permit to a bailiff or warden will be banned from fishing thereafter.

2. All catch returns must be submitted to the Secretary by no later than20th November. Failure to complete the return will result in cancellation of membership. RKAA have a legal requirement to submit an accurate annual catch return to the Crown Estate.

3. A member shall attend his rod at all times.

4. No fishing for brown trout from 7th October to 14th March inclusive.

5. No fishing for salmon or sea trout on that part of the Kelvin at the entrance to the Allander 20 meters below on the Kelvin, and 20 metres above on the Allander.

6. No fishing on the Allander itself or any of it’s tributaries from 1stOctober to 10th February or on the remainder of the association’s water from 31st October to 10th February. (All dates inclusive)

7. Any member or ticket holders found to be fishing by illegal methods or to be foul hooking fish or attempting to foul hook fish, will have their permit confiscated instantly with no refund given irrespective of whether the person is charged or not, and shall be instantly banned from fishing the association waters. Any fish that may be foul hooked shall immediately be returned to the water undamaged and alive.

8. Use of gaff is strictly prohibited, a tailer must not be used to land a fish that is to be returned, and landing nets should be knotless.

9. Private property must be respected at all times. Goodwill between property owners and fishermen is of the utmost importance if our association is to be successful.

10. No vehicle access to Station Road, Bardowie.

11. Fishing on Garscube Estate is only allowed by those who first report in at the Estate Office (off the switchback road). Please remember to sign out.

12. Antisocial behaviour towards another member of the association will not be tolerated. Anyone who behaves in this way will have their membership cancelled.

13. Members are reminded that only fly, spinner, or even bait are allowed and that fixed lines, ledgering, rod rests, multiple rods, and bubble floats are strictly forbidden. (Ledgering – using a weight to fix a bait to the river bed.)

14. All fish less than 300mm (12?) in length must be returned irrespective of their condition.

15. Anglers may take only 1 migratory fish per day from RKAA controlled water. No migratory fish may be offered for sale.

16. Anglers are restricted to 5 migratory fish per season by the club tagging system. If you don’t have your tags then you can’t keep your fish. Anyone found to be in possession of an untagged fish will be banned for life. Fish must be tagged as soon as they are chapped.

17. From the start of the season until  the 31st of May all salmon fishing is by catch and release. Any salmon caught must be returned regardless of condition.

18. From the 1st of October until the end of the season all salmon fishing is by catch and release. Any salmon caught must be returned regardless of condition.

19. The use of prawn/shrimp and live minnow is strictly prohibited.

20. Sunday is restricted to fly fishing only. No fishing for migratory fish on Sunday. A member may not fish on a Sunday with a line having a breaking strain greater than 4lbs or with a hook larger than size 12.

21. Netting fish is strictly prohibited with the exception of landing fish caught by rod and line.

22. Members are not allowed to light fires by the river or on the surrounding land, and no dogs.

23. No fishing by any means is permitted from bridges, trees or between a point 100 metres above the fish ladder near Gavin’s Mill (Milngavie), and a point 50 metres below the road bridge below it.

24. The use of explosives is prohibited.

25. Those fishing bait or spinner must give way to those fishing the fly.

26. A step down stream must be taken after every cast. If you wish to go back and fish through a section again, you must not start casting less than 5 metres above your last cast.

27. No boat fishing.

28. The aforementioned Rules supersede all previous and must be adhered to by all Members. Any amendments to the Rules during the course of the year will be notified to all Members.

Agenda For The AGM

11th February, 7pm

Kessington Hall, Bearsden

1. Apologies

2. Summary of the 2009 season from the Chairman and Secretary

3. Habitat survey update – Willie Yeomans

4. Introduction to the Anglers Monitoring Initiative – Louis Kitchen

5. Statement of accounts

6. The Committee – Introduction and elections

7. Association rules for 2010 – several proposals to discuss

8. Permit prices for 2010 – The committee propose a freeze for 2010, but there are several proposals to discuss.

9. Miscellaneous and AOB

Asking Questions of the Club

At the moment you can use the form on this page to send a question to the club.

Please be aware that as the club receives so many questions and comments that to receive a response you must state your name, full address and membership number – if any information is missing you will not receive a reply.

This is so that only members are able to ask questions relating to club business.

The email is then forwarded to Paul and Euan – Paul usually sends a response as quickly as possible. Please note that the post of secretary is a voluntary one and club business takes up a lot of time – therefore if you do not get a response within a week or so try sending your email again – no one is perfect it could be a problem on your end as well as ours.

Abusive emails will not be replied to.

River Kelvin Angling Association AGM

Notice is hereby given that the River Kelvin Angling Association Annual General Meeting will be held on the 11th February at 7pm at Kessington Hall, 58 Milngavie Road Bearsden. Post Code, G61 2DP.

Kessington Hall is the large red sandstone building located on the right hand side of Milngavie Road (A81) about 300 metres to the North of Canniesburn toll when driving towards Milngavie. At the first set of traffic lights (opposite the petrol station) turn right into Kessington Road where there is parking. Bus services stop at Kessington Road next the Hall. Hillfoot Train Station is about 300 metres North of the Hall on Milngavie Road.

Click here for link to Map

Kelvin Habitat Survey

A message from Willie Yeomans:

The Clyde River Foundation has just finished the first phase of the Kelvin Habitat Survey – walking and mapping the catchment using a pretty basic methodology but one which should allow us to make a sensible assessment of what we might be able to fo habitat-wise to improve things in the short, medium and longer-term.  We have covered the main stem of the Kelvin as far upstream as Auchinstarry Bridge plus the Glazert, Allander (main stem), the Luggie as far up as the railway viaduct above Waterside and the Bothlin Burn as far upstream as Bothlin Bank.  We have the info we collected on hard copy maps, so there will be a pretty serious data crunching and mapping exercise between now and Easter.  There are some issues with surveying at this time of year but I think it would be fair to say that we now consider the Allander and Glazert to be disproportionately important to the Kelvin’s salmonid production.  These should be protected pretty much at all costs.

While we’re putting the report together, it struck me that it would be a good idea to invite comments from regular anglers regarding the following (please pm me for obvious reasons ):

1. Areas where there are problems with pollution from pipe ends or from land or road runoff.

2. Areas where spawning activity has been witnessed.

3.  Areas where the following plants have been seen:  Japanese Knotweed, Himalayan Balsam, Giant Hogweed or Skunk Cabbage.


Willie Y.

Willie can be contacted through the Clyde River Foundation Site.

Tesco – Milngavie Development

Dear all,

Just to update, we have received notice from East Dumbarton shire Council with regards to the planning application submitted for Tesco’s in Milngavie. For those that don’t know the layout, Tesco’s currently sits on one bank of the Allander, with the car park on the other. Tesco are looking to tear down the existing site and build a larger store where the car park currently sits. So basically they are looking to switch round the store and car park. The proximity to the Allander raises obvious implications. Members of the committee are currently working to submit a representation on behalf of the association. I have spoken to Sir Robert Clerk (The Crown Estates Office) regarding the matter and he was already aware of the situation. Sir Robert has agreed to help in any way that he can and the club appreciates his assistance in this matter. I have also consulted with Willie Yeomans (The Clyde River Foundation) and as always Willie has been extremely helpful.

Due to my lack of experience in these matters I have contacted Mark Eden-Bushell (F.O.R.K) and the RCFMT for advice. Mark has plenty of experience representing F.O.R.K with regards to planning applications around the Kelvin in Glasgow, and has agreed to look over the application. My thanks to Mark. Kemp Meikle (RCFMT/Mid Clyde Angling) has also volunteered his expertise. As an engineer and a committee member, Kemp has a great deal of knowledge when it comes to dealing with such matters.

Dougie Brown has also been in touch with Sir Robert Clerk and Willie Yeomans, with regards to the proximity to the Allander and the Salmon Ladder. Dougie’s work on the Salmon Ladder is ongoing, and any work nearby may well have a bearing on the project.

For more information on the application please go to – Planning Applications

Kind regards,

Paul Reid