Access At Bishop Mills (Benalder St, The Falls Pool, Tidal Pool)

Recently we have recieved an email from Bishop Mills Residence Association regarding the behaviour of Anglers in and around their property on the banks of the Kelvin. While I know there have been icidents that may not be related to association members, I would like to draw everyones attention to the following:
1) Parking is available on public roads only. Anyone found to be parking in the residents car park will have their permit suspended.
2) The gardens surrounding Bishop Mills are privately owned. Stick to the paths and avoid causing any damage to property.
3) Take your rubbish home with you.
4) Fishing while seated or using a rod rest constitutes set lining, an offence under the Salmon and Fresh Water Fisheries Act.
5) Please respect everyone who is associated with the river, this includes property owners, anglers, walkers etc.

Kind regards