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The secretary left this messege

Out again today, chased 3 guys at the Vet School who didn’t realise you needed a permit (or that you can’t fish for Salmon on a Sunday!). Then got a call from the Chairman to say that an association member had called to say there was a group fishing at the BBC weir. I headed down to meet the police who had already been called, on route I got a call from the Head Bailiff (Davie) who was investigating a suspicious pipe at the top end. It looks like the poachers moved on before I got there, so I called Davie and told him not to bother coming down. A couple of positives from the whole exercise. 1. Association members keeping an eye on the water and reporting any incidents. 2. The police showing up and being keen to help. Shame that on this occasion they weren’t needed.

During the closed season I would encourage all association members to get out and walk the river when the can. It will discourage poaching and any reports of spawning fish are greatly appreciated. Nobody is expected to approach any one breaking the rules. Just phone it in.