The Big Red Bin

Just a quick message to thank everyone that helped to remove the Biffa bin from the Falls Pool next to BishopsMill. The bin had been there for a number of years, but the recent purchase of some chains and a two ton hand puller allowed us to get it turned and up out over the falls. One less snag for us to worry about.
On a slightly less positive note, it appears that someone has taken it upon themselves to dislodge a lot of the branches that had built up around the base of the bridge above the falls. A large part of this build up is now in the pool below, so we are back to square one as far as snags go. Hopefully the rain will raise the water level enough to wash this through, however this is of little consolation to anyone who has tried to fish there this week. It would have been an idea to cut the larger pieces of wood before it was all dislodged, and to wait for higher water. If the snags are still there after the weekend we will try to get them out with ropes.
To anyone else that is thinking about taking any maintenance issues into their own hands, please contact the Committee to discuss the problem and your solution before you go ahead. In most cases we can organise a work party to tackle the job in an organised manner.

Kind regards