The Falls at Bishops Mill

We have had a number of complaints regarding anglers on the falls above the pool at Bishops Mill. Several of these have been from residents and relate to noise, drinking alcohol, and even drugs! Just so everyone is clear, drinking or taking drugs at the river is illegal and extremely dangerous. Other complaints have mentioned threatening behaviour from people stood on the falls.
Obviously the reputation of the Association is at risk here so we will be discussing options at the next committee meeting, but until then can I ask that no members walk onto the falls unless they have a very good reason, i.e. to retrieve a lure etc.
Groups of anglers hanging about on the island only draws unwanted attention from the residents, and is causing erosion to the grass making the area unsightly.
I had hoped that the recent ban to fishing from the falls would have put an end to the problems we have experienced in the past, but it seems that there are still anglers that feel the need to go onto the falls just to hang about. As a result there have been several reports from members relating to fishing from the falls. While the anglers in question might not actually be fishing, it’s easy to see why a member in waders with his rod by his side might be perceived as fishing. This makes life difficult for the bailiffs and the committee who are charged with responding to these reports.
As far as I can see there is very little to be gained from being on the falls, and while there is a very small slip that can be fished from the majority can easily be covered from the downstream bank. Of course if the present situation continues the residents will take action and we won’t be able to fish there at all.
If you see any anglers drinking or taking drugs at the river, please pass the details to a bailiff or call me (07730682748).
Kind regards