Arbour Works Phase 1

Greetings chaps – here is a short slideshow of the arbour work that has been undertaken by the Association. This work was agreed at the 2011 AGM, we were slightly held up by the amount of paperwork and hoops that had to be jumped however the benefits for the 2012 season should be great. This is phase 1 and is still to be completed – in the photos if you see a tree with a green spray paint dot on it then it has still to be removed. The areas so far that have been completed are above the Vet School and above the Slush. Please walk up that way and tell us what you think.

The work has opened an extremely long stretch for fly fishers and those wishing to spin etc for Salmon.

A big thank you to Alan Atkins (Chairman) who put in the majority of leg work to get this completed.