RKAA Opening Ceremony

This years opening ceremony will take place on Saturday the 17th of March.

As we have in previous years, we will meet at the Islay Inn (corner of Argyle Street and Kelvin Way) at around 11:30am. There will be hot rolls available and time for a quick drink before the piper takes us down to the river (where there will likely be another quick drink!).

After the first cast there will be the opportunity for everyone to fish, and free day permits will be available to all*. We will also be running tours for new members, or those looking for more information about hot spots and access to the city stretches.

As always it’s a family occasion, and a great day out to celebrate another year of fishing on the River Kelvin. I would encourage any new members ( or potential members ) to come along, as there are plenty of opportunities to speak to existing members about tactics for the year ahead.

Let’s hope the snow has melted!