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Lost Key

Hello Chaps – I hope you are all having an enjoyable season!

One person is not as he has got in contact with us about a lost key – a black plastic card type, it could be on the riverside along the “Balmore road” stretch up to the junction pool. Anyone finds it get in contact with us using the contact us or give it to any one of the office bearers – Alan Atkins our Chairman is down that way quite a bit.

Your reward shall be the gratitude of your fellow man.

Good Luck – and do not forget to send in your photos of fish!

Fly Tying Evening + Interesting Stuff!

Greetings chaps – I am aware this is uber short notice however we are having our monthly fly tying session on Wednesday 27th July at the Islay Inn  on Argyle Street at 7.30pm. This time we also have Nick Underwood (Kelvin Catchment Officer) attending to talk to us about the anglers monitoring initiative. We are looking for volunteers to take part in this project. If you are interested in monitoring the health of the river,and can spare a little time to survey (I believe it’s once a month),then please come along for further information.

You can tie flies as he talks while enjoying a nice cold beer – you will then have enough time to walk the few minutes  to the Kelvin for the dusk rise.

See you there!

Fly Tying Evening and Forum Issues

Hello Chaps,

Seeing as how Paul is away snowboarding or something I thought I should update you on something that was discussed at our last committee meeting. Essentially some members have asked us if it is possible to run some kind of fly tying evening. At roughly the same time a local owner of a pub – The Islay Inn at the bottom of Kelvinway approached Paul and stated he would be willing to provide some space in the pub for some guys tying flies.

What a nice cooncidence!

Members would also be able to partake in a few whiskies at the same time. The proposed night is a Wednesday (so it does not coincide with other local tying groups members might attend) and will possibly be every two weeks. The night will comprise of some tying, some alcoholic beveragesand the watching of some fishing DVD’s on the pub telly. The club is also considering footing the bill for some vices and tying materials so folk can come along and have a go with no expense.

Ordinarily I would then say lets discuss this in the River Kelvin Angling Association Forum however it is totally gubbed at the moment. While I try and fix it (be warned all posts may be wiped) you can head over to Urban FlyFisher where I will make a special post.

I hope that is ok with you guys.


Salmon Season Opening Ceremony – pics and video.

Hi guys – we had a very nice opening ceremony on Saturday. Several members managed to make it despite the short notice – for those that did not here are two short videos of the procession and the toasting of the river.

By the way – thanks to Derek for the photos and video – you can check out more of the photos here.

And some photos:

The Folk...

Paul and Stephen

To be fair at least he tried..

Permits 2011

Permits for 2011 will be available on the night of the AGM (which all members have received letters for) and then a few days later in the shops.

The permits do not go on sale before this date as the membership have still to agree on the 2011 permit price.

Catch Returns 2010 – submit them on-line!

Hi guys – just to let you know the page to submit your catch returns is now live – this will be formally announced when you receive your newsletter however if you are signed up to receive these updates or just plain enjoy visiting the “official” kelvin site then please head over to the Catch Returns Page to get them in now.

Catch Returns 2010 – click here

As usual – input your name, address, permit number etc.

Official Forum Now Live

Hi chaps – the official forum is now live – you must use your real name and must input your permit number when asked – they are then checked against the database to make sure you are who you say you are.

Only members of the KAA can join and the purpose is to make it even easier to ask questions and put forward your ideas – some might say picking up the phone and giving the secretary a bell was easy however he does work and it gives others a chance to share the responsibility of answering questions. It will also hopefully combat the gossip, conjecture and hearsay that appears to go hand in hand with helping you guys catch a fish.

So go and join in the discussions – we hope you enjoy  and find it useful.