Going, Going………Gone!

I have decided to remove the function of the forum from this site as quite frankly it does not get used. We get more people contacting us through the facebook page now that it makes sense to just have it all over their. Consequently please join our brand new official facebook group called the:

River Kelvin Fishers

It is the only place that you will get honest to goodness members giving advice and of course access to the committee .

I will delete the forum in a couple of days.



Urgent Notice Regarding the AGM

We have just been informed that Bearsden Hall has been closed down and our booking has been moved to Milngavie Hall, 71 Station Road G62 8BZ. It’s a 6 minute drive.

We apologise for the inconvenience, but we have only just been informed.

The Agenda for the AGM on Thursday

Agenda                Bearsden Hall 4th February 2016

7.00pm                        Welcome and Introduction – Chairman

Summary of 2015 – Chairman and Secretary

Accounts – Treasurer and Secretary


7.15pm                        Elections

– Paul Reid (Secretary)

– Alistair Stewart (Vice Chairman)

– Jim Burns (Treasurer)


7.30pm                        Proposals

  1. All Sea Trout to be returned.
  2. Permit prices to be reduced by £10. Junior ticket (free), fly only (£15) and day ticket (£10), remain unchanged.
  3. No bait fishing on the falls pool at Bishop Mill.
  4. No more than 2 people fishing the falls pool at the same time.
  5. No loitering on the weir at Bishop Mill.

8.00pm                        AOB

8.30pm                        Raffle and Permits

9.00pm                        Finish










Just a quick note to say that the AGM will be held in Bearsden Burgh Hall, 69 Drymen Road, on Thursday the 4th of February. The meeting will begin at 7.00pm, and invites will be posted out today. More details to follow. Kind regards Paul

2015 Catch Return form now live!

A member got in contact to point out that the form was still showing 2014 – this has now been rectified.
If you have submitted your returns on the old one everything should have migrated over to the 2015 one so all should be good.

Cheers Guys


Opening Ceremony

The Opening Ceremony will take place this Saturday at around midday. Members are asked to meet in the Islay Inn at 11.30am for hot rolls and a blether before the we get started. All friends and family are welcome. From the Islay Inn the piper will lead us down to the Kelvin behind the Art Gallery, and Paul Young will raise a dram to the season and throw the fist line. Later in the afternoon (3pm) there will be food (pies and beans) put on for those that have had enough of the fishing. It should be a great day and who knows, there might even be a fish or two caught!

AGM Notes

Following from the AGM the update on the proposals is as follows:

  1. Slight change to the way we advertise permit prices. For example, instead of £50 for an adult plus £20 joining fee, we move to £70 (existing members will get a £20 discount).

– passed by a substantial majority.

2.   Member guest ticket price to £10 rather than £15.

– passed by a substantial majority. (Tickets will be available shortly)

3.   All trout fishing to be fly only.

– not passed by a substantial majority

4.   Annual open day. To coincide with the FORK Gala Day, day tickets will be available to anyone who wants to try fishing on the Kelvin.

– passed by a substantial majority

Overall the AGM went very well. There was some great discussion on one or two of the proposals. Particularly number 3 (fly only for trout) with the ‘fors’ keen to protect the trout, and the ‘nos’ keen to promote angling for youngsters.

Unfortunately we did have one or two members that thought it was acceptable to turn up after spending a few hours in the pub, and were noticeably worse for ware. The AGM is primarily for business, and any social aspect is related to the raffle and an occasion for a chat with some of your fellow anglers. It is not an opportunity to get hammered and cause trouble.

The solution is very simple. The members that were drunk will either be banned from the association or barred from any future meetings. They will not be given the opportunity to show up at any future events.

Plans for the opening day are very nearly complete. We hope that you will join us on the 21st for what looks like a great day out.

Kind regards